NEW - Re-take Option
If you and your students are eligible for the re-take option, please contact the Centre within 15 days of the final result date of your exam. For more information on the re-take option, please consult the Terms and Conditions on this website.
Exams in your school??
If you would like to have your students take their Cambridge examinations in your school, please contact our office in order that we may arrange the best possible solution for your students.
Speaking Practice FCE and CAE
Improve your speaking skills and feel more confident in your FCE test and CAE test.



Welcome to the Cambridge English Examinations Centre Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne website. Here you will find useful information concerning the examinations offered in these regions and registration details.

About Us – Cambridge English Examinations Centre Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne

Our Centres are part of Cambridge English Language Assessment’s global network of over 2700 Centres providing the examinations worldwide. Our experience of over 25 years has contributed to our high quality service, reliability and accessibility. We are committed to the highest security and fairness of test taking.

About Cambridge English Language Assessment

Cambridge English Language Assessment – a part of the University of Cambridge - provides the world’s leading range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English. They are backed by outstanding support for learners and teachers and by world-class research and quality management. Examinations are provided in over 130 countries for nearly 4 million people a year. Their expertise, gathered over 100 years of language learning and assessment, has led them to collaborating with educational institutions and local and regional governments around the world.